September 14, 2004

Anita A Week Of Awakenings 09

"Don't go there." Was all she said. Then she opened her legs. That was strange, I thought. Didn't she like her ass being played with?

Ok with me. I went back top her snatch, my ears slightly sore from her sudden action.

I looked over at Penny, and she just shrugged to me, then resumed her pleasure.

[I found out later that Penny had been overly abused recently, and he had torn her ass muscles. She was now very wary.]

I wanted a cock, now. "Bob," I said quietly, "Are you ok, hon? Do you feel like giving me some of that cock?"

"Sure," He said, half hearted, and rose of the bed.

I raised my ass up in the air, and he stood behind me, positioned to fuck me.

I felt his fingers stroke and play with my ass hole, then he bent over and kissed my ass. He was lubricating my ass with his spit, mmm. His tongue licked up and down my ass crack, and slowly but surely, I felt him stick his tongue into my offered ass. I was impatient for his cock, and stopped my fun with Penny to ask him to fuck me again, now.

"Sorry, Nita," he said, and I thought he was about to cry. "I can't get my cock up. Fuck."

At that Judy pulled the dildo out of her ample cunt, and crawled over to Bob.

"Maybe I can help you," she said, with lust in her voice, and without waiting for permission, she reached up, and took his flaccid cock into her mouth.

"Yes, mmm, that's nice, don't stop." I heard him say, as I resume my task at hand.

"Pull that foreskin back, and lick my knob," He continued. "Nice, don't stop, lick my piss hole, my cock is rising, oh yes, nice, mmmm."

Judy rose up to be head height with his cock, and took his whole cock into her mouth. Deep, and deeper, she was taking him all. He started fucking her mouth, and she started to suck him fervently. As she sucked him, she started pulling his cock, jerking him to erection.

"Hey," I yelled, between licks to Penny's cunt, "Don't waste that cum. My ass wanted him first, lol." And I went back to Penny's muff. Judy was stroking his cock hard, and she cupped his balls. Then she let go of his cock, and started to kiss and suck his ball bag. Bob stood there smiling, as Judy took both balls into her mouth and gently sucked on them. He was getting his balls well treated, and as she sucked on his balls, she resumed stroking his cock. I was watching their action out of the corner of my eye, as I continued my long service of Miss Penny. Judy was now tugging on his balls, using her mouth to pull his ball bag. His balls were being stretched and teased, and he was delighted.

Bob was standing quietly, but was pulling at his own nipples, as she toyed with his cock and balls. As I watched, he rubbed, and pulled and stretched, and twisted his tit nipples. Oh yes, he was definitely relishing her attention to his balls.

I wanted his cock in my ass. I wanted to be fucked. NOW!

"Hey, Bob," I yelled, with cunt juices flicking from my mouth. "Get that cock up my ass, now!"

Bob stopped, and Judy let go, and I readied my ass for his cock. I turned my head back to Penny's cunt, confident that my needs were going to be taken care off. I felt his tongue back at my ass, and figured he was "getting my ass lubed up" again. Mmmm. It was nice, his tongue was reaming my ass hole, and sporadically poking into my ass. The boy was going to give me a nice fuck.

But wait, what the fuck? Bob walked over to Penny, and started sucking one of her tits. Who the fuck was . . . fuck, Judy was eating my asshole out.

As I watched, Bob took his cock, and offered it up to Penny's mouth. She didn't hesitate, but opened her mouth to take him. And as I watched, he started fucking her mouth. The cunt wasn't sucking his cock though, he was fucking her . . . in the mouth, with his cock. Ramming his cock in and out, and she was taking it all. He stopped a few times, took his cock out, and slapped her on the face with his erect manhood, then stuck it back into her mouth. He repeated this a few times. As he fucked her mouth, he pulled and twisted her tits. Grabbing her tits by the nipples, first one, and pulling the whole tit into the air, then letting go, then doing the same with the other. Whatever he did, she took.

My ass was well serviced by the compliant Judy, and I wasn't complaining. Judy's tongue was probing deep into my poop chute, and she was definitely turning me on, but I did want a cock.

"Bob," I started to whimper, "Please, hon, please. Nita needs your cock, please."

"Soon, Nita," He said, as he continued fucking Penny in the mouth. No sooner had he said that, than he withdrew his cock, aimed it at Penny's head, and shot his load all over Penny's face. I don't think any of it went into her mouth, instead it dripped all over her nose, cheeks, lips, and even her chin. He coated her face. Then he leant forward and started licking his cum of her face. Or specifically, he licked his cock seed into her open and inviting mouth. She didn't object, didn't complain, and didn't try to stop him. Rather, she opened her cunt mouth further to take all of his seed.

Holy fucking hell. This boy was turning into a cunt craving animal.

He cleaned up, and then came over to me, smiled and pinched my tit. Judy was still merrily eating my ass, as Bob aimed his cock at her head. She stopped eating my hole, looked up, and opened her mouth expectantly. The little fucker had obviously watched Penny earlier, and Judy also understood.

Bob let out a stream of hot, sweet, steaming piss, and Judy took it in her mouth. For a few seconds she let her mouth fill, then she swallowed. He paused his piss stream, waited for her to swallow, then resumed his piss. I wanted some of that, and moved away from Penny's luscious cunt, to get my share.

I sat facing Judy, and as he pissed, I lent forward, and kissed her. I tasted his piss on her lips, and as she kissed me, she passed me a mouthful of steaming hot piss. Delectable. I swallowed it all, and went for more. Bob alternated filling my mouth, and Judy's mouth, and in no time flat we had swallowed all of his piss juice. When he finished, I kissed his cock knob, licking the drips from his piss hole, then kissed Judy, fully open mouthed. I tasted his piss on her tongue, on her lips, on her teeth. She could taste Penny's cunt juices on my mouth, too. The kiss lingered, and we savored each other. Finally, w sat back licking our lips. That was fun.

My fuck could wait, Bob and I had all night. I decided to continue the piss fun and stood over Judy. If the little cunt wanted it, I would give her more piss, mine. She didn't let me down. As I started dribbling, she nibbled and licked at my cunt, and soon enough, a stream of yellow gold went straight into her mouth. This time it was Bob who joined her in drinking. He got down beside her, and I was pissing into both of their mouths. As one mouth filled, and swallowed, the other mouth moved into position, and again it was all swallowed.

Despite her best efforts to swallow it all, Judy was totally saturated. Enough piss had trickled out of the sides of mouth, over her tits, down to her cunt. As he finished sharing my piss, Bob knelt forward and started sucking and licking her whole body. Penny sat on the bed watching, saying nothing.

I really couldn't think of anything else we could do to each other, but I was wrong. There were still a couple of surprises to come.

Penny told me to retrieve the cock-stuffed panties, and put them on. Yes please, I thought. And eagerly got them. They were a bit big for me, but I managed to keep them up. It only took a second to get the cock into my wet cunt, and after inserting it, I stood. It felt nice, and Penny told me to walk around and feel the sensation.

Fucking Hell. This was awesome. Every step I took, I felt shocks deep in my cunt. I couldn't take a step without my whole cunt rippling in orgasm. How the fuck did she enter the room so calmly? I couldn't take two steps without buckling over in intense orgasm.

I had to ask her. "Penny," I asked. "How long did you have this up your cunt, before you came in here tonight?"

Her answer floored me, "About nine hours, minus two piss breaks. I always wear my cock friend in my cunt to work. I sometimes sleep with it in, but my cunt does prefer the real thing. Still it does make a good cock substitute."

"Don't you ever get too . . . excited to do anything?" I asked incredulously.

"Nope," She answered, "I have another one, thicker and longer, when I really want my cunt abused, but that one I have a little trouble with. After all, 9 inches is a bit much to sit and walk with, lol." She said smiling

Penny then said, "Nita, take it out, and suck it. You'll find the latex is softer than most dildo's. I like the feel of it in my mouth, especially after a good cunt workout."

I did, willingly, and she was right. Oh yes, I have sucked my own fingers, and enough plastic cocks after I fucked them, to know the feel, and taste, of a cunt juiced dildo in my mouth. This one was different. Definitely better, and not as "plastic."

Judy sat contentedly watching us, and then stood and walked over to Penny, and kissed her. Penny returned the kiss, licking the piss from her face, and pinched her tit softly.

"Thank you, Mom." Penny said, and I nearly vomited.

"WHAT?" I asked in utter shock.

"Penny is my daughter," Answered Judy quite calmly. "I had her when I was, let's see, she's nearly 36 now, I am 52, and that means I was 16, give or take."

"WHAT?" I seemed to have lost all concentration.

"Relax," Said Penny. "Mom and I are real close. Many years ago Mom caught me masturbating with a carrot, and made me eat it. I hated her for it, for her form of punishment, but I learned from her too. My Mom and I became close, and I started to trust her if I had any questions. She was always honest, and blunt. As videos became more popular, we started watching them together, and Mom said that if I wanted to try any of the things I saw, she would help me."

"So," Continued Judy, "As we started watching lesbian video's, we both admitted a desire to try that out, but didn't know, or trust anyone, so used each other. Yes, we have become a lot more extreme since then, but I personally have no regrets. Extreme might not be everyone's idea, but it has brought her and I as close as any one can be."

"We are our best friends, and everything I do, Mom wants to try, and vice versa." Added Penny. "It's a real turn on to eat your own Mom's cunt, and it is a blast to piss in her mouth. She gives a mean cunt job to me too, lol. We have been fuck friends for about 15 years, and don't plan on stopping. Do we my little cunt?"

"Yes dear," Replied Judy, smiling at Penny. "Am I really your special cunt?"

At that, the stood, went into the bathroom, showered, dressed and were gone in five minutes.

Before leaving, Penny told me to keep the cock, still in my cunt, and to use it whenever I wanted to think of them. She said the panties could be adjusted easily.

I kissed them both goodbye, and so did Bob. Fucking hell, they were different.

Bob looked at me, smiled, and kissed me gently.

"Nita," He said, "We have to return home tomorrow, but before we do, can we make love once more please?"

"Yes Bob," I answered, and he took my hand and led me to the shower.

We showered together, slow and hot, letting the water cascade of us, cleaning, rejuvenating and refreshing us.

After we showered, we sat and had a cigarette, a drink, and a kiss.

Bob then took me to bed. We made slow, deliberate, not extreme, passionate sexual love. He kissed me slowly all over my body, reminiscent of that prior passionate night we shared (only three days ago, but it seemed a lifetime ago), but this time he entered me.

He didn't lick my cunt, didn't finger my cunt, and wouldn't let me suck his cock. His cock was fully erect and he mounted me gently, then slowly entered my cunt.

He felt magnificent. He entered me carefully, and started a smooth, slow, rhythm. He didn't rush, and I eagerly welcomed his tranquil approach. He was moderate, never rough, and the more he rhythmically fucked me, the more intensely I could feel him.

He didn't rush, and I didn't want him too. Slow and steady was the order of the day. My whole body tingled with excitement, and his soft kisses, and gentle touches to my body, as he continued fucking me slowly, heightened the sensation.

"Thank you, my dear lady," He said to me as we lay together.

"Why are you thanking me, I should be the one thanking you?" I asked, slightly confused.

"Why? Because you allowed me to explore myself this week. If you hadn't been here, the best that I would have achieved this week might have been to fuck a beer bottle a few times. You allowed me to see what I have missed out on. So it is I who must thank you." He smiled and kissed my nose.

We continued our decelerated fucking, neither anxious to finish, and as he fucked me I recalled the wonderful week we had.

I orgasmed twice, before he did, to his pleasure, and then he came. But as he came, he started crying.

I held him as he cried and cried, obviously releasing so much pent up frustrations.

"Oh, Nita," He said, "This has been a wonderfully, eye opening week. I hope I didn't offend or shock you, and I know I have some hard thinking to do when I get home. Things are going to change!" He added.

He fell asleep, as we held each other, knowing we had reached the end of our time together.

What a week. Bottle fucking, multiple dildo's, any number of variations on cunt eating, and cock sucking. Piss games, gay encounters, extreme abuse, fisting, more toys, an incestuous mother and daughter, some decadence (the shit games might take me some time to rationalize!), and frequent fucking. Oh I was gonna miss our time together.

August 14, 2004

Anita A Week Of Awakenings 08

Chapter 8

Our mornings were never routine, but Bob and I had now settled in to being with each other, and we were comfortable dressing and getting ready together. This morning was a little different. Bob insisted on one more taste of Jack, and of course, Jack obliged. But it was a quick cock suck. We had slept in (again), and those two special friends of mine had a plane to catch. The solution, Bob blew Jack's cock in the shower, as they both washed for the new day, lol.

I was definitely "awakening" Bob, lol.

A quick bite to eat, a quick kiss goodbye, yes, some tears, and a promise to talk soon, and the new day was started.

Another typical, but rewarding, day, only interrupted by Judy.

She wanted to come over tonight, and . . . bring a friend!

"Who?" I blurted out.

"A friend." She replied, coyly.

"Which fucking friend?" I asked, temper rising.

"A surprise, but I guarantee you'll like my surprise, and so will Bob." She answered defiantly.

So there we were, Thursday night, our last night together, Bob and I, dinner over, now naked as specifically arranged (demanded!) by Judy, fully rested, waiting for Judy and her "friend".

The door rang promptly, as promised, and Bob went to answer it.

Judy came in first, followed by a large lady.

"Hi gang," Judy said casually. "This is my mistress, Penny. I told her all about you and she insisted we visit."

Wow, I'll tell you up front, Penny was attractive, but big! She had lovely red hair, and a cute smile, and lovely eyes, but must have weighed over 250 pounds! She had huge tits, easily the biggest I have seen recently, and an equally big body to go with them. But, she also was one of the sexiest ladies I personally have seen. First of all, she knew she was large, and dressed appropriately, and she looked stunning in her all leather dress. Second, her smile was infectious, and I for one, felt easily relaxed with her immediately. Thirdly, she exuded confidence and style.

Bob's response was exactly what I predicted, lol. His cock instantly stood totally erect, and he couldn't keep his eyes off her. I saw Penny smiling back at Bob.

"Hello there." He said directly to Penny, ignoring Judy completely. "Please, come in, get settled, make yourself at home."

Penny's leather dress was a stunner. It buttoned up the front, and went down past her knees. Never skin tight, but rather it "billowed" as she moved, with a deep cleavage displaying her ample tits. Thin straps seemed, rather than hold the dress up, to add sensuality to the garment. Judging by the uninterrupted depth of her ample cleavage, I guessed (rightly, as it turned out) that she didn't have a bra on, although this guess was more from the cut of the dress, than any other sign. The buttons were undone from her knees, up to just below her ample belly, but discreet.

Judy was similarly dressed, but without the same stunning effect. As if to ease the tension, Judy stripped of first. No bra for her . . . and . . . no fucking panties either. Naked, she stood, arrogantly, the same as earlier this week. Cunt freshly shaved!

Penny slowly undid the first button on her dress, the top button, then kept undoing her buttons down from there. Her huge tits seemed to escape from the dress as she undid more buttons, and eventually all buttons were undone. I was right no bra, huge, magnificent tits (52FF at least), and massive dark nipples. Penny picked up first one tit, by the nipple, dropped it, then did the same to the other tit. She repeated this several times, her tits bouncing, and smiled.

But unlike Judy, Penny wore some sort of leather panties. Her big belly hid them a lot, but they were visible. Smiling, she hooked her thumbs in the sides of the panties, spread her legs, and pushed down.

Holy, fucking hell! I had heard of this type of clothing before, but had never seen it. It was a pair of special panties, with a fucking huge plastic cock inside, but pointing UP, into her cunt. This girl had walked in with a cock up her cunt. The cock must have been at least 6 inches long, and well over two inches thick. A cock attached to a pair of panties. Had she traveled here like that? No? Surely not? Had she stopped outside, and put it in? What must it have felt like to walk down a room with a cock inside your cunt, rubbing and fucking you as you walked. My mind was away in a new fantasy. I wanted those panties, and, I wanted that cock up my cunt!

The cock was sopping wet with her cunt juices, and as she finally got the panties off, she picked them up, and she . . . sucked the cock clean! Her cunt looked nice, big, like her, her cunt hair was not too thick, and trimmed, and very inviting. Very wet, and her cunt lips were nice and big. She had walked in here, with an 6 inch cock fully up her cunt, enough to get her cunt totally wet, and had then sucked the cock off, cleaning up her wet cunt juices, as she stood there, in front of us. And she smiled. Who the fuck was this lady?

"Well, little lady," she said to me. "Do you think you want to play with us now?" A challenge? An invitation?

Without waiting for an answer she grabbed Judy by the tits, roughly pushed her to her knees, and demanded Judy start sucking into her cavernous cunt. Judy didn't need any encouragement as she devoured that waiting cunt. Penny pushed her whole body into Judy's waiting mouth.

Penny must have been about 30, and she did look good. Ok, large, but this lady was in confident control of herself, and apparently Judy, lol.

"This little slut is my personal toy." Penny said to me. "When I found out that she had come here the other night, without my permission, I had to punish her. Didn't I, cunt?" she said to Judy. She bent over and roughly pulled on one of Judy's tits. Judy squirmed, but didn't stop licking at Penny's cunt.

"Yes, mistress." Judy answered from between her legs, never stopping her wet slurping.

"And," Continued Penny, "Maybe I have to punish you too?" she said directly to me.

"Fuck off." I answered, defiantly, and stupidly, lol. But what the heck, I ain't known for my brilliance in battle.

At that Penny pushed the little body of Judy aside and came at me.

It was Bob that saved me. Stupid, sweet, dumb, lovely, idiot, gorgeous, fucking Bob.

"Ma'am," he said, with calm authority, standing directly in front of Penny. "Please accept MY apology. I certainly didn't intend to cause any ill-will or hostility. I accept full responsibility, for it is I who is the deviant here, and I ordered my lady to satisfy my needs, under fear of her own health. It was I who prostituted your friend here, and I who am guilty. Alone. I am the master of this family, and my lady never disobeys me. And," he continued, "your own friend, knowing my wrath, was also coerced into being my toy. And what a fine toy she proved to be. I congratulate you on your training, and selection of such a fine cunt slut."

Fuck, was I listening to this crap?

Penny stood looking at him, saying nothing, waiting. "Now as far as I can see," He continued dithering, "if there is any need to reprove, and I don't disagree with you there, by the way, and maybe your fury and vengeance are right to be sought, for sure, but only to the culpable party. May we reach a colluded pact?"

When did he swallow a fucking dictionary, lol?

Penny must have been as amazed as I, for she likewise looked on in silent awe.

"Ma'am, I admit I feel a certain attraction to you, and would willingly bestow to you, mine own body, for whatever disposition, however extreme, you deem fit."

Penny walked over to him, tits bouncing, and looked him in the eye. "Let me get this straight, if I can sort out the crap you just spewed, from the bullshit, I think I heard, you want me to punish you for that little cunt's selfishness? Yes?"

"For sure, ma'am. That is my exact proposal to your fine self." He said, cockily. What was he up to?

At that she reached out and started pulling his left tit (that fucking left tit again!). He didn't flinch! She pulled and twisted harder, and still no display from him. Using both hands, she took both his nipples and started to pull and twist hard. He took it all. And, defiantly (or stupidly), he reached for her own overly large nipples and equally pulled. The harder she pulled and twisted his tit nipples, he applied the equivalent pulling, twisting, and abuse to her massive nipples.

I was watching a fucking tit pulling contest, and it seemed neither of them either felt any pain, or were willing to concede, if they did.

Judy crawled across the floor to me, and reached for me. As I was watching this contest of wills, Judy reached up and started licking my bald cunt. I wasn't all that horny, but hey, I never let a free cunt job pass, lol.

As Bob and Penny were engaged in their "windmill fighting" contest, Bob reached over and kissed Penny fully on the mouth. She started to laugh freely, and that laugh must have been contagious, because Bob started too, and soon we were all laughing.

"Fuck," He said, still laughing, "That was close. I thought I was gonna lose for sure."

Penny looked at him, and still laughing, said "Well, you would have, if you hadn't cheated."

Then she reached for his stiff cock, and started to stroke it. Bob sighed contentedly, and lowered his head to her tits. Taking each nipple in turn, he sucked her great tits. Penny kept stroking Bob's erect cock, rubbing harder with each stroke. While he sucked her tits, and she masturbated him, his fingers moved down to her huge cunt. She offered no resistance, and opened her legs wider.

I guessed (hoped) the air was clear, and turned my attention to Judy. This little cunt was really very submissive, and I wanted her to take me all. I told her to sit back, and I turned my ass to her. I then pushed my ass into her face, and as expected, she started to tongue my hot ass hole, but her fingers also sought out, and found my cunt hole too. Both of my holes were being expertly serviced.

Penny looked over as I shifted position, and told Bob to do the same as I had. Bob reluctantly let go off her cunt, and tits. Penny then knelt behind Bob, as he bend over, spreading his ass cheeks to allow her access, and while her hand still pulled his cock, her mouth found his ass too. Deeper, and deeper, her tongue licked and poked into Bob's compliant ass hole. The harder she licked, the further over Bob bent. She never let go of his cock, and he didn't want her too.

She was only using one hand on Bob's cock, and started to use her other hand to play with his ass. I watched as she inserted first one finger, then a second, into Bob. He pushed his ass back to greet the two fingers, and she pushed harder, and started finger fucking his ass. The harder he pushed back to greet her, the harder she pushed forward to impale him. She was really finger fucking Bob hard, and he seemed to be enjoying it. And, I think she was too. She called over to Judy, to come finger her cunt, as she kept fingering Bob, and Judy scampered over.

Maybe I just fancied Penny, because I cannot explain it any other way, but I found her very sexy. Hell, I imagined her eating my own cunt, and hoped she would. I desired her, and prayed she had an animal tongue, and a randy action. To be honest, the lady attracted me. Although she was large (bottom-heavy, she later described herself to me), I still saw her beauty. She had graceful, small hands, and lovely features.

It was her hands I was watching now. After all, I was left with nothing to do but watch the show. As I watched, Judy placed one, then two, then three fingers into Penny's cunt, and started fingering her. At that Penny placed a third finger into Bob's waiting ass. Penny then told Judy to put a fourth finger in to her cunt, and as Judy managed four fingers into Penny's cunt, Penny did also, but into Bob's ass.

Four for four, fuck. I knew, before I even knew, what was gonna happen next. Judy slipped her thumb into Penny's cunt, and started fisting her. Penny shifted her weight a little to take Judy's hand up her cunt, but didn't seem distressed at the fisting she was receiving. And, Penny reciprocated by pushing (hard) her own thumb into Bob's tight ass. Bob squirmed, but didn't object. Penny sat there, her whole hand up Bob's ass, not moving, as Bob settled and adjusted.

Then she started to fuck his ass fully, totally, with her fist. She was fisting Bob. But, all the time she had not let go off Bob's cock, and was still jerking it off. I was watching Bob get fisted and masturbated, and he was definitely enjoying it. I watched as she withdrew her fist, and pushed it back in. Again, and again. Each time she did, she gave Bob's cock another pull. In and out, and he was taking it all.

I wanted some of this action. I moved over and started sucking on Penny's huge tits. I got no opposition, and as I sucked, I started pulling her tits. In response, Penny pushed her chest out to me, and I took her tits with increased enthusiasm. Judy moved around to smell my cunt, and fairly quickly started sucking at my clit.

Bob's ass must have been torn and shredded, but still he took her fist. He never cried out, or pulled away. Faster, harder, she fist fucked him, and the harder she did, the harder he pushed his ass to her. Finally, she took her fist out, and let go off his cock. He collapsed on the floor. Penny pushed Judy aside, and looked at me.

"Little cunt," She said, "You don't escape free." And she pulled my hair, to bring my head to her. "Eat his ass. Clean up his ass. I want that ass later, but it isn't clean enough for me. You can help me out by cleaning him up, do it now, my new little cunt." She ordered, and (without even thinking) submissively I did.

I looked over at Bob. His cock was still erect, and his ass was red. I went over to him, and knelt beside him. His cock was still fully erect, almost standing totally up in the air, and his ass was red, and swollen. I lowered my mouth and started to lick his distended ass hole, tasting his own ass juices. Fuck it, why not. He had done so much for me. As I licked, I slipped my tongue further into his open ass hole, and he sighed. Was he in pain? Was he enjoying this?

As I licked and sucked his ass, I saw him take his cock in hand and start to stroke.

Penny saw too, and yelled out to him not to cum. He let go of his raging cock.

His ass tasted nice, and as I was sucking and eating his ass, I was getting turned on, I can't lie. His ass hole must have been open a full inch or more. He had a tunnel there, and while I knew (from my own experiences) that it would close back soon, for now his ass was fully open. I could get my whole tongue into his ass, and I started to tongue fuck him. My own hands felt down to my snatch, and as I sucked his ass hole clean, I started rubbing my wet cunt, inserting three fingers as deep as I could to self abuse myself into orgasm. I was getting horny doing this vile act.

Here I was 24 hours after I know he ate Diane's shit from my fingers, and wondering how he could ever do that, now doing exactly the same to him, licking and tonguing his shit into my mouth. Why fucking not!

It seems that both Bob and I, were "awakening" each other?? Was there any way we could turn back time? Did he want to? Fuck, did I want to?

All the time I was servicing Bob, Penny's cunt was still being fully fist fucked by an obedient Judy. Judy pushed harder and harder, and all Penny did was open her legs further to take her slave's hand. As Judy fist fucked, Penny pulled and tugged at her own tits.

Then Penny pulled away from Judy, leaving Judy in a heap on the floor. "Lick your hands clean, cunt." Ordered Penny, and I stopped licking Bob, to watch Judy slurp and lick her hands clean. The cunt juice was glistening, and Judy attacked her hand, and cleaned it all of.

Penny turned to Judy, and spread her legs in front of Judy's face. Judy looked up expectantly, and wasn't disappointed. Penny started to piss straight into Judy's open mouth. My first thought was that she would stain the carpet of the hotel room, but I need not have worried. Judy took all of Penny's piss, swallowing without spilling a drop.

When Penny finished pissing, Judy leant forward and licked Penny's cunt dry. Penny pulled roughly at Judy, and Judy stood. Penny then kissed Judy fully on her wet, pissed, cunt covered lips. Why?

Bob was lying calmly by my side, and I was about to return to his ass, when Penny told him to stand, and walk over to the bed.

He stood slowly, and made his way to the bed. Penny was standing there and told him to lie on his back, with his head over the end of the bed. He did, and as he did, she bent forward, legs apart, and spread her great legs, and cunt over his head. As she bent further forward, she took his cock in her mouth and started sucking hard. He adjusted his head, and was soon licking her freshly pissed cunt.

In probably 10 seconds Bob blew his load into Penny's mouth. She took it all, and swallowed. He kept pumping his seed into her mouth, and she sucked harder and harder.

Then she stood up and walked over to the sofa, sat and lit a cigarette.

"What do you want to do next?" She asked us all. "I know what I want, but I want to be fair, and listen to you cunts first."

Lol, this lady had balls.

"What do you want Penny," I asked, rising to her challenge, again (yup, I don't learn, do I?).

"What I want," She started, "Is to fuck Bob's ass, with that monster cock dildo Judy told me about. Then my little cunt, Nita, maybe you might eat my cunt out for me. That's what I want."

"What about me?" Wailed Judy.

"You, you little cunt," Hissed Penny, "You can just find something to occupy yourself with."

Bob adjusted his position on the bed, as I went and retrieved the strap-on dildo. I wasn't sure how Penny planned to use it, so I coated it liberally with the lubricant we had bought. When I came back into the room, Penny told me she didn't want the strap on; she planned to hold the cock in her hand.

She took the dildo, all 12 inches of gleaming man-rippled cock, then pushed the knob against Bob's raw ass. He yelped but didn't move, and she kept feeding it into his ass. The lube helped, but she didn't show any care. She just rammed it further, and further, into his wide open tunnel.

He took nearly all of it, only offering any resistance after about 8 inches, and she started pulling it out, and back in. She was brutal in her fucking, but he took it all. All the way out, and his ass closed, then back in, pushing passed his swollen anus. She stopped occasionally and offered the cock to Judy, who was sitting at her feet. Judy greedily sucked the cock clean, and Penny rammed it back in. I admit I was horny watching Bob take this punishment, and I do believe (he did admit yes, to me later) he was enjoying it.

Penny was intent on doing damage to Bob, I thought, but suddenly she took the cock, and put it up into her own cunt, and she did take it all. The fucking cunt took all 12 inches, right up to the plastic balls, into her cavernous cunt, and left it there. I was sitting on the bed watching, and I couldn't resist her, as I again leant over and took one of her tits, and started sucking her mammoth nipple. As I sucked on one, I pulled and twisted the other. She looked at me, grunted once, and continued fucking the dildo. Bob was lying quietly, watching all of us ladies, not saying anything, but letting his eyes catch every thing.

His cock was erect, straining, and he was stroking it again. Penny told him to stand on the bed, and when he had, she took his cock in her mouth, and started sucking him off. Just was still sitting at Penny's feet, no longer active, and I looked towards her. She was fingering her cunt, and licking her fingers. I thought that was a great idea, and started fingering my own hole, as I still sucked Penny's gigantic mammary glands.

Bob indicated he wanted to come, and Penny withdrew his cock, until only the tip was touching her lower lip. He shot his load into her mouth, and she took it all, then told him to kiss her. As they kissed, she passed the cum back to his mouth, and moved away.

"Swallow your seed, little man," She commanded, and Bob did.

Penny then withdrew the huge plastic cock from her cunt, and gave it to Judy, who promptly opened her cunt lips wide, and rammed it into her own hole. The cunt juices from Penny acted as a natural lubricant, and Judy started fucking herself. Twice this week Judy had skewered her cunt with this monster cock.

Penny looked at me, and I understood. As she sat on the bed, I repositioned myself to sit between her legs. She opened her legs, and I got my first close look at her cunt.

Her outer cunt lips were big, and swollen, and her inner cunt lips didn't protrude, but were noticeable. Her clit was nicely sized, and her fuck hole looked inviting. I didn't need to be told. I lowered my mouth, eager to taste her. She tasted delicious. One of the nicest cunts I have eaten, and I have eaten many, lol.

As I nuzzled closer to her clit, she pushed her whole body to meet me. I didn't disappoint her. I gave her cunt the best licking I could. I took her clit in my teeth, exposing the bud from under the hood, nibbling gently, as I let my fingers roam. I nipped and nuzzled her cunt lips, I tongued her fuck hole, returning frequently to her clit, giving that bud special attention.

How much fucking and whoring could one person do?

Well I could do lots, lol, and I hoped these two eager cunts with me could too. My cunt was not satisfied, and I wanted it all.

Judy was still sitting on the floor, the 12 inch cock deep in her silken cunt, and my mouth was engrossed in it's own desires. Penny was now lying back, legs spread, permitting me uninterrupted access to her own velvet hole. And what a hole. This lady was large, all over, but her cunt was even larger. It was no wonder small Judy got her fist up there, but for all of it's large size, her cunt hole tasted delicious. Her musky, feminine odor was pleasant, and her juices on my tongue were yummy.

I continued devouring her cunt, licking deep into her fuck hole, nibbling softly on her clit, rubbing her clit with my fingers. I pulled, with my teeth, at her inner cunt lips, and nipped her teasingly. Every thing I did, she enjoyed. I know because she let out small yelps of pleasure as I consumed her cunt.

Judy was still self gratifying herself, Penny was away in the clouds, and I couldn't have asked for a more exciting week.

I looked over at Bob. He was lying quietly on the bed. His ass red raw, his cock shrunk to nothing, covered by his foreskin, but he appeared calm, and he was smiling. He was watching me eat out Penny, and he couldn't keep his eyes of her tits. Penny was lying beside Bob, and her mammoth tits were spread out on her chest. The nipples were still erect, and her tits were bouncing slowly in rhythm with my actions.

As I licked Penny out, I moved my finger towards her ass, wanting to play with that hole too. All of my inhibitions were now gone (as if I ever had any), and I wanted her ass. But as I got close to her ass, she snapped her legs closed on my head. Fuck, that hurt.

August 07, 2004

Strip Poker Creampie

My wife and I have a regular poker game with two other couples every Friday night. It had started out innocently enough, but you know what can happen when liquor is flowing and a joint gets passed around.

The other couples, Jackie and Steve, Mary and John were both about the same age as Joanne and myself – 30. Jackie has dark hair and a very hot body that she likes to show off, and Mary is petite with long blonde hair. My wife Joanne is an aerobics instructor who has well defined muscles and just about the best ass on the planet. Her tits are medium sized, but all natural which is just how I like them.

Steve is about 6 feet tall with brown hair and broad shoulders, and John stands a couple inches shorter and has been working out since high school. I’m in about the same shape, as John got me started on the gym a couple years ago.

One night we were playing and after a few drinks and a couple hours Jackie suggested strip poker. Well, that night ended up with my Joanne stark naked and giggling, and Mary in just a thong. I still had my pants on when the party broke up, but Joanne treated me to just about the best fucking of my life when we got home.

She told me how hot she got when she stripped off her panties in front of everyone, and how she couldn’t wait to ride my cock all night. Needless to say, strip poker became the norm and within a month we had all seen everything everybody had.

Steve and John both told me about how hot their wives got after our weekly games. Seems that Joanne isn’t the only one who gets off on a little exhibitionism.

Anyway, at our last game Joanne was the big loser and had just stripped off her panties. She said, “I’m out of clothes again, guess we’ll be calling it a night soon,” as she waved her underpants to us all.

“Let’s play a few more hands,” said Jackie. “Maybe we should have the loser do a truth or dare challenge.”

We all looked at Jackie, who was still wearing her skirt and underwear, but was topless. I was down to my underwear (which were starting to show a wet spot thanks to Joanne’s naked ass) and Steve & John both had their pants on. Mary was the winner and so far had only lost her blouse.

Joanne spoke up and said, “I’m game, let’s have some fun.”

No one had any objections, so I grabbed the cards and dealt another hand. Joanne lost again, and since I dealt that hand I got to put the question to her. “Truth or dare honey, what’s it going to be?”

She smiled at me and said, “Dare.”

I thought about it for a couple of seconds and then said, “Ok, I want you to bend over John’s lap and let him give you a spanking.” John had always admired her ass, I figured it was the least I could do after all the free workout advice he’s given me over the years.

Joanne pretended to be shocked, but I know how much she loves to be spanked. I knew that when we got home she would be hotter than ever and I would be happily rewarded for that dare.

She stepped around the table to John, who had pulled his chair back a couple of feet and sat there with a giant grin. Mary rolled her eyes at him and then looked in my direction. She arched her eyebrow and nodded a little bit, the look telling me that if I lost a round then I’d better choose “Truth”, because I might not like “Dare”.

Joanne bent at the waist and leaned across John’s lap, her thighs touching the outside of his. Her perfect ass was displayed, and I could clearly see her pussy poking out from between her cheeks. It looked quite moist, and I just wanted to shove my tongue up there right then and there.

John raised his hand and slapped her ass, and Joanne squirmed a little. Then she wiggled her bottom and said, “Thank you sir, may I have another?” John happily obliged, and after about 10 more slaps Joanne stood back up, her ass a merry pink. I glanced at John’s pants and saw he had developed quite a stiffy.

Joanne went back to her chair and gingerly sat back down. “Oh, that stings a little. Mary, I believe it’s your deal.”

Mary obliged, and once again Joanne lost. She had no luck this evening, or maybe she had all the luck. I began to suspect she was losing on purpose.

Mary said to her, “Ok, truth or dare.”

Joanne thought for a second and replied, “Let’s try truth this time.”

Mary smiled wryly at me, and then said to Joanne, “What’s your hubby Tom’s dirtiest fantasy?”

I almost choked on my drink. I have lots of fantasies, and I have no idea which one is the dirtiest. I couldn’t imagine which one she would say, and I sure as hell didn’t want everyone here to know what anyone of them was anyway.

Joanne laughed and said, “God, it’s hard to pick. He can be a real pervert sometimes. Do you mean things he talks about when he’s – you know – close? Or things he tries to get me to agree to before we even get to bed?”

I stared at Joanne, but she wouldn’t take her eyes off of Mary. Maybe I shouldn’t have volunteered her up for that spanking.

Mary said, “We want to know about what he’s thinking when he’s about to come, that’s when the real truth comes out”.

“Well then,” Joanne said, she looked up at the ceiling and thought for a few seconds. “He sometimes says that he would like another man to fuck me, and that he would eat the cum right out of my pussy.”

I wanted to die right there. I couldn’t believe she just told my friends about that. I turned bright red, but my cock grew to its full length instantly. I didn’t say anything, and my stomach was suddenly filled with butterflies. Joanne smiled at me and licked her lips; she knew she was getting the fucking of her life later.

Mary leaned over to check out my crotch. “Ohh, someone’s got a big wet spot! We find out about one dirty little secret and it looks like you almost came in your BVD’s!”

That was it for me, my underwear felt uncomfortably tight and if I didn’t get out of them I was going to cum soon. I quickly reached down and lifted the waistband over my swollen cock head and lifted my ass a little so I could pull them down to my knees. I took a deep breath and concentrated on relaxing, and tried to ignore Mary’s smug grin. She definitely got even with me for the spanking I had let John give to Joanne.

Steve dealt the next hand; Mary came out on the losing end this time. She immediately chose “dare”.

Steve said, “I dare you to suck Tom’s cock.”

Mary froze, and no one said anything for what seemed like an eternity. Mary looked to John, who shrugged and said, “It’s up to you babe, he’s a buddy and I trust him. I dare you to do it too!”

At that Mary jumped up and quickly stripped off her remaining clothes. I looked at Joanne who had a wicked smile and one hand in her lap. I could imagine what those fingers were up to. Mary told me to stand up, I couldn’t find a reason to argue – my cock was way ahead of me and seemed to have grown even more. As I stood everyone saw it jerk and a big drop of pre-cum leaked out of the tip and ran down my shaft.

Mary laughed and said, “Whoa boy, slow down – I haven't even started yet!”

She knelt in front of me and flicked her tongue at the head of my dick. Then she ran it up and down the length a few times. I groaned and tried to think about baseball. This worked until she licked my balls, which made me think about Mary licking my balls. My cock started to spasm and she quickly stood up and said, “Was that a little too exciting for you? I wouldn’t want you to cum all over, so maybe we better get back to the game.” She licked her lips and sat back down.

I got myself back under control and sat back in my chair with a heavy sigh. Joanne was looking at her drink, but she knew I was looking at her. She pulled her hand out from under the table and licked her fingers. I was the only one who saw it; everyone else was making a joke out of my discomfort. I could tell how hot she was and my balls started to ache from the need to cum.

Jackie’s turn to deal, and it turned out to be John’s turn to lose. When she asked the question he replied, “Truth”.

“What’s Mary’s deepest darkest fantasy? She’s always been tight lipped about what she likes,” Jackie asked with genuine curiosity.

John smiled and said, “That’s easy, she’s always wanted a three-way with me and another guy. She wants to be in charge and make us do nasty things to each other, and call her ‘Mistress’”. He looked at Mary, who sat there with her mouth open and said, “Sorry honey, she asked for the truth. My turn to deal.”

This time I lost, and I chose “Truth”, since I was just getting my cock to calm down and didn’t feel like getting blue balls by whatever dare John might come up with. He thought for a bit and then said, “What’s Joanne’s favorite sexual position?”

“Her favorite is sitting on my face and grinding her pussy into my mouth.” That was definitely true, she likes to fuck but she always wants me to eat her out. We’ve spent many a happy hour with her blissfully riding my tongue.

Now it was Joanne’s turn to deal, and I lost again. “What’s it going to be this time babe, are you brave enough to go for ‘Dare’,” she said with a smile.

I knew it was a challenge, she was really worked up and wanted to see how far she could get me to go. I figured what the hell, the worst thing that could happen is I have an orgasm in front of everyone, and that’s not so bad. What’s an orgasm between friends? “Ok,” I said, “I’ll take dare – do your worst!”

“I want you to fulfill Mary’s fantasy for her, do whatever she tells you and John to do.”

My mouth dropped open and nothing came out. I couldn’t believe she wanted me to do that, I’d never seen this side of her.

“This I gotta see,” exclaimed Steve.

Jackie laughed and said “Me too, come on Tom – are you up to performing for Mary?”

Mary and John were whispering to each other and smiling at me as Joanne crossed her arms and said “Well? What’s it gonna be big boy? Are you too much of a wimp to do the dare?”

“Fine. I picked dare and I’ll do it,” I replied. Inside I was shaking like a leaf. I’d never done anything with a man before, but if my wife was pushing me I wasn’t going to back down. I turned to Mary and said, “Command me, Mistress.”

Mary let out a squeal of delight. “All right then, let’s get down to business!”

She first had John strip out of his remaining clothes, and told us to stand facing each other. Everyone else got a fresh drink and sat down to enjoy whatever show Mary was going to think up.

“First, I want you to touch each other’s cocks. Masturbate each other, but slowly – take your time, and make sure you don’t cum yet.”

I reached out and gently touched John’s hard cock. His pre-cum was already generously leaking out and I wiped it up and down his shaft. The entire length glistened and he moved his hips forward spontaneously, trying to rub harder against my hand. He was really into it; I could tell he wanted Mary to thoroughly enjoy her fantasy.

I felt him take hold of my cock and spread my wetness up and down, and then all over the head of it. I groaned as he grasped harder, and then slid his hand down to cup my balls. I returned the favor, and he let out a deep moan. I played with his balls, spreading his juice all over them, and then toyed with them one at a time. He spread his legs wider to allow me easier access, and I did the same for him.

I looked over to see Jackie sitting with Steve, who had also removed his pants and was displaying a giant hard on for her. She was copying what John and I were doing, and Steve squirmed a little as she manipulated his balls.

Joanne and Mary were sitting on the couch taking in the show. Joanne whispered something in her ear and Mary smiled. “Rub your cocks together, I want to see you two get really wet.” Obviously, that was Joanne’s idea but Mary seemed open to new ideas.

“Yes Mistress,” John replied, “anything to please you.”

When he said that she smiled and her hand went right to her pussy, which was quite easy to see as she now had one leg thrown over the arm of the couch. She ran her fingers over her labia lips, and then plunged two fingers deep inside of herself. I got distracted as I felt John’s cock touch mine.

We each grasped our cocks at the base and touched the wet tips to each other. We maneuvered them in a circular motion, and God it felt wonderful. I slid the head of mine down his shaft and under his balls and rubbed it there for a bit. He did the same for me and then we just pressed them both together and slid around. Now we were really wet, our whole cocks and stomachs were saturated.

I looked over to see that now it was Joanne who had a couple of fingers in “Mistress Mary.” She never took her eyes off of John and me as she pulled them out and ran her tongue over them. “Mmmmm, tastes so goooood,” she drawled.

Mary said “I wonder how all of their wetness tastes, look at how soaked those cocks are! I think our boys are really enjoying this. Tom, get on your knees and taste John’s dick.”

“As you wish Mistress,” I replied quickly. Truth was, I was really getting off on doing this for the women. Joanne had done a three way with another woman and me when we were dating, and I had never returned the favor. She was now on the edge of her seat to get the best view of me giving a blowjob.

“Use a lot of tongue, honey! Do it just like when I do you,” Joanne called out.

I knelt down and was face to face with John’s purplish cock-head. I stuck out my tongue and licked all around it, and as I pulled back a stream of juice hung from my lip to his cock.

Mary clapped and said, “That’s it, I want to see more nastiness like that! Jackie, Steve – did you see that?”

“We sure did,” purred Jackie. “I’ve got just about the same going on over here!”

“Ok Tom, now lick his balls like I licked yours.”

“Whatever pleases you, Mistress” I replied. I slid my tongue down and quickly and roughly licked John’s balls hard. He groaned and then spread his legs so I could lick better. They drew up a little from my ministrations, so I took them both in my mouth and sucked hard, just like Joanne does for me. John pulled away and his cock jerked involuntarily – he had almost cum, which Mary had told us not to do.

“Excellent, you suck like a pro. I’ll bet Joanne couldn’t do better herself. Did you know that when she was in college she once blew the whole football team?”

“Mary! You said you would never tell anyone about that,” Joanne cried out. Apparently, there are a lot of things I don’t know about my wife.

Mary smiled at her and said “At least I didn’t tell them about how you used to eat my cunt. Maybe that’s why you like sitting on Tom’s face, do you think about when I used to do that to you? Maybe we should keep you busy like that while John gets his first lesson in cock sucking.

I was shocked, but even more shocked as Joanne quickly positioned a couple of pillows on the floor and laid down. She smiled at me and then said to Mary “Anything you want, Mistress.”

Mary wasted no time and knelt down with her knees on either side of Joanne’s head. She slowly lowered her moist pussy down, and Joanne stretched her tongue as far as she could, anxious to taste that lovely blonde slit. Tongue and pussy gently made contact and Mary made a low moaning sound. Then, she just dropped her whole pussy down, covering Joanne’s mouth. Happy slurping sounds emitted from Mary’s crotch as she pulled on her erect nipples.

Mary seemed to notice John and me again and said, “What are you waiting for John? Put that cock in your mouth and start sucking!”

“Yes Ma’am,” he said, and promptly inserted my whole fat wiener in his mouth and started bobbing his head up and down. He reached up between my legs and simultaneously massaged my nuts as he sucked. Once again, I closed my eyes and tried to think about baseball.

When I had things under control a bit I opened my eyes and looked to see Mary still writhing on Joanne’s face, but now Jackie was holding Joanne’s legs apart and Steve was pumping away in her pussy. I couldn’t believe it! Joanne was licking for all she was worth, and getting fucked as a bonus. John stopped sucking and stood up to enjoy the spectacle with me.

Mary screamed, “Oh my fucking God, I’m going to cum on your face. That’s it, that’s it, lick me hard, lick my fucking clit you fucking slut! Uh Uh Uh Uh YES!!! I’M CUMMING NOW!”

Mary rubbed her spurting pussy up and down Joanne’s face as she came, the juices running down my wife’s cheeks as she shoved her tongue as far as she could up that sopping hole.

Just then Steve yelled, “I’m Cumming too!” and Jackie started spanking his ass as he spasmed and pumped into her cunt as hard as he could.

Mary rolled off Joanne’s face and turned to kiss her. I watched in fascination as their tongues entwined, and Mary tasted her own cum. I could see her thighs quivering from the intensity of her orgasm.

Mary looked up to Jackie and said “Have a seat, I warmed it all up for you.” Jackie didn’t need any coaxing as she quickly positioned herself over Joanne’s waiting mouth, and then she groaned as she felt the tongue enter her.

Steve pulled out and a stream of cum hung from his cock to Joanne’s pussy. I looked and saw cum leaking out and running down into the crack of her beautiful ass.

Mary said “John, why don’t you help yourself to some sloppy seconds while Joanne is busy with Jackie?”

John gave a very enthusiastic “Yes Mistress! Anything you say!”

I watched as he positioned himself, and slid his dick up and down Joanne’s overflowing pussy, rubbing it against her clit and sperm smeared labia lips. His cock quickly became covered with Steve’s cum, and he grunted as he entered her. He started with long, rhythmic strokes, and was accompanied by deep slurping sounds from the over wet cunt.

Joanne moaned as Jackie rotated her hips and slid her pussy all over her face. “She licks so good, I fucking love how it feels! What a fucking whore, she can’t get enough!”

Mary and Steve each had one of Joanne’s legs, which were bent at the knees, and held them spread apart so John could really fuck her deeply. The splooshing sounds increased as John started fucking her faster.

“Oh God, Mistress – may I cum in this whore?!!! Please let me cum, it feels so fucking hot and good,” shouted John.

I couldn’t believe how excited I was. I stood watching as there was no room anywhere for me, and my pre-cum was running out of my cock, down the length to my balls, and dripping off from there.

Mary started to spank John’s ass and said, “Do it baby, cum hard for me – fill the slut with your cream!”

John’s ass bucked and he cried out as his load sprayed inside Joanne, mixing with Steve’s. Jackie, still rubbing on Joanne’s face, let out a squeal as she came from the diligent probing of Joanne’s tongue. Her pussy clenched and unclenched, releasing a torrent of her own cum into Joanne’s mouth. Joanne eagerly lapped up every drop as she lay moaning for more.

John pulled out of Joanne and laid back, exhausted. I looked down at her pussy, fully coated inside and out with cum. She had absolutely no modest left at all, her legs were splayed and both her ass cheeks glistened from the mess. Mary helped Jackie stand up, and Joanne lewdly licked her lips for an extra taste of Jackie’s cum.

Mary looked at me and said, “Now it’s time for another fantasy to come true. Let’s see if you can clean up this mess, we all know you want it. Now, lay down and get ready for your treat.”

“Yes Mistress,” I said as I lay down. My cock was just leaking like a faucet, I was damn near as wet as Joanne!

Mary helped Joanne to her feet, and then had her put her knees on either side of me, her feet by my head so that she faced back to my cock. Her splattered pussy hovered inches above my face.

Joanne gently lowered herself and my tongue reached up to taste her clit. She shivered and a dollop of cum dropped out of her hole and into my waiting mouth. The combined juices of John, Steve, and Joanne tasted salty and smooth as I rolled them around in my mouth and swallowed.

“That’s so fucking hot,” exclaimed Jackie. “I want to see more of that,” she said as she began rubbing her nipples.

Mary instructed Joanne to lift up a little so they could all watch cum drip out of her. “Make it nasty for him Joanne, act like the horny slut you are.”

She was above my head again and I saw her pussy contract as she squeezed her muscles, forcing the cum in her cunt to slide out and drop down on my face and mouth. Joanne moaned and one hand played with her clit, the other tweaking one of her nipples. Then suddenly, she lowered herself and completely sat right on my face.

I shoved my tongue into her as far as I could, and she started sliding back and forth, covering my face with the results of her fucking. She started emitting moans from deep inside, as I sucked in both her labia lips and then held them in a soul kiss. I was in heaven, living out my most secret fantasy in front of my friends.

I felt my legs pulled up and bent at the knees, as Joanne’s had been when she was getting fucked. I had hold of Joanne’s hips and was pulling her against my face as hard as I could and I felt Mary’s hand start slapping my ass, just under my balls. I was totally exposed and vulnerable, and it felt great! I knew I was going to have the orgasm of my life!

Joanne ground against my tongue and face harder, she was getting really close.

“Uh, Uh, Uh, GOD – I’m going to…I’m gonna…Oh fuck…FUCK…I’M FUCKING CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!!!” Joanne screamed and her whole body shook with a violent orgasm, the juices literally spraying from her pussy onto my face. She lifted up and dropped down again and again, my tongue darting in and out of her cunt.

The spanking on my ass increased and someone grasped my cock and started pumping. The cunt on my face muffled my cries as I started to climax. Mary stopped spanking and began kneading my balls as my dick started to shoot a giant load onto my stomach and chest. I came for what felt like hours, my cock being massaged by two hands.

Finally, I was done, and so was Joanne. She rolled off of me and laid there, who pussy still pulsing from the amazing force of her orgasm. She turned and started to kiss me, and ran her tongue over my lips, lapping up the flavor of the fucking. Her hand went down to my cock and slid around in the cum. She bought it up to my lips and smeared it around, and put her fingers in my mouth. Then she leaned down and French kissed me for all she was worth.

When I looked up Mary was standing there, her hand over her pussy and she appeared to be trying to hold something in. “Steve recovered and fucked me while you two were making out,” she said. “Are you in the mood for some dessert?”

I looked over to see John earnestly screwing Jackie from behind, as she was on all fours and groaning with pleasure.

“I really love dessert,” I said, “lots of times I’ll even take seconds.”

Joanne just laughed and said “You’re going to have to share some with me, lover.”

As I lay back and watched Mary’s pussy descending towards me I thought, “I wonder who’s turn it is to deal?”

Bones Department Debauchery

David and I spent the past nine months scrambling for stolen moments between our busy schedules. It wasn't just work—his wife generally had some function that required his presence on her arm. It amused me, as I knew this wasn't a happy marriage for either of them. I often wondered why they bothered. But I never asked David. It wasn't my business.

Still, his busy schedule often made him a "no-show", something I hated tolerating. I knew I had no right to ask for more than he could give, but every now and then, a girl just needs a little fucking…

But I did put up with the frustration—sexual and otherwise—as David had a knack for making me forget just how mad he could make me. The moment his hands touched my body, all was forgiven.

As the weather slowly changed from Winter to Spring, I disappeared into the dark recesses of the "Bones Department". Basically all of the corporation's hard copy records were kept in this little-visited section. My position entailed researching various pieces of information that predated online record keeping, and transferring them to an updated storage system. Some days I could spend an entire afternoon working lost back in the "stacks".

One afternoon in April, as I was nestled into a small cubby towards the far reaches of the department, I was startled by a tiny noise. I had grown accustomed to the various creaks and moans echoing from the shadows (most often the products of my overactive imagination), but I distinctly heard a "shuffling" sound. I poked my head up and over the partition that divided the table I was working at from the aisles of cabinets and shelves. I scanned the dimly-lighted area.


He walked slowly, his big frame pausing every couple of steps as he glanced down each row. I smiled and frowned. What was he doing in here? Looking for me? I wondered hopefully.

"Mr. Thomas," I called to him low, catching his attention.

"There you are, Ms. Anderson," David answered as he spun around. He smiled as he walked towards me.

"What are you doing down here?" I slid out from behind the partition and crossed the last couple steps into his arms. As he pulled me to him, I ran my hands firmly up his broad chest, flicking immediately at his nipples through his dress shirt with my fingernails. I looked up into his face, searching for a kiss. David dipped his head, knowing lips pressing firmly against mine.

A moment later, I pulled back. "Why are you in here?" I asked again.

"Why do you think?"


"Yes, you. I went looking for you earlier and they said you had been sentenced to research and recovery." David could barely rush out the words. His mouth sought mine again, his tongue pressing forcefully through my lips.

It had been too long. As I mentioned, our time was often limited. He was never available when my time was free. Sometimes I wondered if he kept me wanting on purpose. In my opinion, if you really want something, you just go for it. Then again, that's just me.

It had been at least five weeks since our last little tryst. I was hungry for him. David gave me the same needy look of desire. I knew our time, and the opportunity, was limited. And I had an idea…

I molded myself into his body as he pressed my back to wall of the partition. Strong arms wrapped around me and his mouth crushed mine in another hard kiss. His thick tongue raped my mouth, forcing me to accept his oral assault. One hand cupped my ass as David ground against me, eager fingers kneading my behind. I shuddered, willingly surrendering for a moment before finally pressing my palms to his chest in effort to make him stop. I pushed him back, panting softly.

"I want you inside me," I breathed into the quiet afternoon air, my gaze meeting his. "Do you want to be with me?" I knew the answer, but needed to hear him say it.

"Yes…" David whispered, his stare piercing into my very being. "Where do you want to go?" The back of his hand caressed my cheek before his knuckles softly rubbed across my lips.

"I have an idea," I began. "There's a small closet in the hallway off to the right as you first come down here, before you enter the department. The door has a lock. Let me go first, and wait a few minutes, then follow. Knock on the door. Ok?"

"Ok." David reached for me again, his fist wrapping in my hair and pulling my head back, exposing my neck. Teeth bit into the soft vulnerable hollow of my neck, and I moaned low. The sudden wetness in my panties was warm. I wondered if he had any clue of the power he had over me—over my desire for him.

Upon my release I turned and gathered my paperwork, quickly shoving them into my bag. He watched me in silence, his hand absently rubbing the growing bulge in his pants. I finished packing my belongings and reminded him to give me a of couple minutes, but not to wait too long. He nodded.

Quickly I made my way from our secluded little cubby. I passed no one, which was a relief. I hurried through the stacks, and out into the hallway. Again I was fortunate. The area was empty. I glanced towards the glass doors leading into the offices and after assuring myself that no one was paying any attention, slipped through the doorway into the closet.

Letting myself in, I placed my bag on the floor. I combed my fingers through my hair as I stared at the reflection in a little mirror on the wall. Grey-blue eyes stared back. My cheeks were flushed pink with excitement. I gathered my long chestnut-colored hair in my hands and tossed the locks over my shoulders. I smiled. David loves my hair, loves the streaks of auburn that burn bright in the tresses when we're wrapped around each other outside in the sun. Oh, he never admitted this to me, but he runs his hands through my hair when we're together, holding the strains up to the light before he rubs the softness against his cheek.

I waited. I expected the time to pass slowly. I was almost worried that I would wait so long, that David would be caught on his way, and be forced to leave me stranded. But the time was short and I suddenly heard the knock on the door. I took a deep breath and pulled it open. Thankfully it was my lover. Swiftly he moved inside. I locked the door behind him.

"We don't have much time," I said low.

"I know," he answered before roughly grabbing my shoulders and pushing my back against the wall. I tilted my face up to his and we picked up where we had left off, our kiss stealing the very breath from my mouth, his fat tongue plunging deep.

I kissed David just as furiously, matching his passion and biting at his tongue, at his lips. His hands were on my hips and I could feel his fingers grasping the fabric of my skirt, pulling it up, bunching the clothing around my hips. I scratched again at his nipples, feeling them harden under my attack. I dug at them with my fingernails while David's left hand thrust down inside the front of my plain black cotton panties. I felt them curl and two fingers parted my lower lips before sinking themselves into the wet folds of my pussy. The fingers were as merciless as his tongue, invading me roughly, forcing me to open to him. I groaned as he twisted them and rubbed...

yes... yes... there...

"Oh god..." I softly cried out as he touched that one spot inside me.. the place only he seemed to find, making such a pressure fill the inside of my pussy that I was helpless to do anything but tremble on his hand. David pleasured me for a short moment before withdrawing.

I took the opportunity to struggle with his belt, undoing the pants before pulling David's solid cock from its confines. It was hot and hard as steel in my hand. I pumped it up and down, jerking him off in my eagerness. He enjoyed the attention for only a minute before grabbing my wrists and placing my hands above my head.

I rubbed my thighs together in anticipation, squirming. He leaned in, staring into my eyes, his hot breath stroking my face.

"Fuck me," I begged him softly. "Fuck me..."

Strong hands let go of my wrists and he knelt before me, roughly pulling my panties with their soaked crotch to my ankles. I could smell myself, the musky scent of my want filling the small room. David lifted my right foot and pulled the panties over it. He didn't bother removing the delicate article from my other foot.

Once again he stood, his massive frame leaning over mine, imposing, but reassuring in some ancient primal alpha-male fashion. Mouths met as he pressed against me. My light sweater was pulled upwards, then the fabric of each cup of my bra was yanked down, the underwire holding each firm globe in place, lifting them up to David in offering. His mouth descended on the right nipple, chewing on the tight nub while fingers tugged and twisted the left almost cruelly. Each action sent a shock jolting down my body to my swelling clit. I could feel my own heartbeat pounding in the tiny appendage.

I bucked under his attentions, my hands grasping the sides of David's face as he brutally nursed at my breasts, sucking hard on one nipple, before switching to the other, his teeth dragging roughly over each before his tongue flicked teasingly at the bruised pebbles. It was almost a relief when he pulled his mouth away… almost.

My clit continued to pulse…

Without warning I felt each of his hands grasping my thighs, right where my ass met the top of my legs. He lifted me and I clung to him, my arms around his neck as he hoisted me up, slamming my back to the closet wall. Firmly holding my legs, he pulled them apart, the head of his glistening prick poised at the entrance to my pussy. For a moment he paused, glaring at me. I saw the raw lust and hunger there in his eyes, animalistic and intense.

"Fuck me..." I said again evenly, my own eyes darkening with want.

And he did.

His cock slammed inside me so roughly that I bit my lip to keep from crying out. My legs wrapped around his hips and I attempted to lock my ankles behind his back as he pounded himself deep into my warm depths. I felt every solid inch of him, almost violently stretching my pussy as he drove hard inside me. I closed my eyes and held on, content to let David use me thusly, our bodies mashed together. My back ached as he used my cunt, viciously hammering me into the wall. He buried his face into my neck below my right ear, his breath ragged. My breaths were even shorter, gasping as I attempted to draw in air after he forced each lungful out of me.

My right palm pressed the back of his neck, and I struggled to catch his earlobe between my teeth before plunging my tongue into his ear. He squirmed and whimpered before wrenching away. I felt his dick swell inside me and suddenly he thrust so hard, so deep, I swore the head of his cock collided with my cervix. I felt the sweet pain of being so filled rip through my stomach and across my chest. This time I cried out.

David's hand covered my mouth so quickly it was almost a slap. I watched him, wide-eyed as he spasmed against me, his own eyes shut so tightly, his face a mask of concentrated pleasure. His hips thrust forward, again and again as he came inside me, his cum flooding my pussy with it's thick white goo. I felt it, hot and wet, spurting, painting the inside of my soft walls with a wild passionate stroke as David ground his pelvis into me, the friction rubbing my sensitive little clit. It was enough to set off my own orgasm, and my cunt gripped his length, squeezing the remaining sperm from his cock as I grimaced behind his hand. Held in this position, I could only helplessly shudder out each hot wave as my cum mixed with his, the fluids leaking around his girth, dripping down the bottom of my ass and against the front of his thighs. I shivered as the last tremor ran through me.

Then the whole of David's body was pressed against mine, flattening me to the wall as his hands dropped, cupping the halves of my ass. His breath was labored in my ear, his fingers dug into my flesh. I was glad he was holding me... I was weak.

Nature squeezed David's cock from my pussy and I felt so empty as the member slipped wetly from my body. He gently lowered my feet to the floor, where I remained leaning against the wall, not daring to move, still quietly trying to catch my breath. I pulled my sweater back down into place and before I could bend to retrieve my panties, David had knelt once more, and gently pulling my hips forward, his tongue snaked easily between my abused pussy lips. He licked me so tenderly, long soft strokes of the tongue, tasting the blending of our cum leaking from the depths of my sex. I sighed, melting under this last moment of intimacy before I reached for him.

"Hey, we have to go," I said quietly, my fingers touching his cheek as he turned his face up to mine.

David nodded silently before pulling my panties back up, and helped me readjust my skirt before tucking his spent cock back into his pants. I steadied myself before putting my finger to my lips, motioning for him to be quiet. I slowly opened the closet door and peeked out. The hallway was empty. I stepped aside allowing David to pass. He winked at me and took his leave, pausing only briefly to touch his lips quietly to mine before detouring down the hall to the men's room. I closed the door behind him, leaning heavily against it and took a deep, deep breath. My thighs were sticky.

I smiled.

The things that man "makes" me do...

July 14, 2004

Anita A Week Of Awakenings 07

Chapter 7

Fuck, my cunt hurt, but what a fantastic hurt. I had never had such an intense fuck session in my life, and once tasted, I was not about to throw that particular forbidden fruit out in the garbage, lol. I wanted that sort of fuck again, now.

Diane was still lying on the bed, motionless, as was Bob, but Jack had stirred. He had risen to his knees, and was now staring straight into my bald, wet, tortured cunt. His eyes met mine, and he lowered his mouth to my cunt.

I opened my legs wide, and put my hands down and pulled apart my cunt lips to let him see right up, and into, my fuck hole. Call me a slut, or a whore, but I knew what I wanted, and fuck anyone who was going to deprive me, lol.

Jack starting tonguing me softly, and with each lick, I felt needles pass through my flesh. I was gushing non-stop, and still he didn't stop his relentless assault on me. Wait a minute, I didn't want him to stop, lol.

He obviously didn't hear me, or if he did, he ignored me, for now he was nibbling and pulling on my inner cunt lips. Taking first one, then the other in his teeth, and pulling gently. He was using his fingers to stimulate me further, and I swear I was ready to climb on the roof in excitement.

Bob sat up and looked on as Jack kept his mouth and fingers busy. Bob looked at me, smiled and moved over to Diane. He started licking her leg slowly rising to her thigh, then returning down her leg, before changing legs, and repeating. At first I thought she was asleep, but I saw her stir, and move closer to Bob. She was now lying next to me. Both men were at our cunts, and we were lying half back letting them.

She sat into a half rise, and started to pull her nipples gently. Her nipples were large and in no time she had them erect and pulsing. Bob still hadn't risen higher than her lower thigh, but she knew he would. Hell, I knew he would, Jack even knew. Did Bob know?

Diane started to stroke Bob's head as he got higher up her legs, and he stopped licking and kissing her leg, to rise up and suck her tit. As he took her left tit into his mouth (damn, that boy always sucks the left tit first, why?), she stretched and started sucking her own right tit! He was tonguing her nipple ring, and pulling on it as he sucked her tit. Diane wasn't content to just mouth her own nipple, though, she attacked it with her fingers and teeth, stretching and sucking voraciously, to match the enthusiasm of Bob. Diane was even stretching her own tit nipple ring further than Bob was doing.

I had heard her tell me she did this, but I confess I had never seen her do it. What a fucking fantastic turn-on to watch though.

Bob noticed too, and together they gave her tits a real pounding. Diane was crying out (in joy? in agony?), but she never stopped abusing her own tit. Bob didn't stop either, even as his hand moved down to her short haired cunt. The hair on Diane's cunt must have gone up to nearly her navel, and well across each thigh. I knew she couldn't wear bikini briefs without it sticking out. Bob was stroking her pelt, and rubbing her cunt lips. She was torturing the one tit she was playing with, and he was hurting her other tit equally as hard.

Her legs parted as his hand went inside her cunt, and as he inserted his fingers she let out a gasp, and pulled even harder on her tit. Bob's cock was pulsing and straining, and I was guessing he was ready to fuck her.

Meanwhile Jack was not ignoring my needs. No sir. That man was giving me a full service, and was poised ready to stab me with his monster cock. Yes please, Jack, I willed, as he pushed deep into me.

Bob must have been watching too, because he seemed to take his lead from Jack. He positioned his cock at Diane's welcoming hole, and rammed home.

There we were, two horny women, being fucked to death by two deviant men, and we were all shrieking in total abandon. I leant over and kissed Diane, as Jack rammed his cock deeper into me, and she returned the kiss. At the sight of his wife kissing me, Jack started ramming his already hard cock, deeper into my eager cunt. Bob looked over towards Jack, and a nod passed between them. They kissed too. Fucking hell, lol. And Bob also rammed deeper into the willing and begging cunt of Diane.

Bob, and Diane, had never let up on her tits, and now Jack was starting to play with mine. Oh Jack, pull those fucking tits of mine please, I begged, and he did.

Bob and Jack had both cum twice tonight, already, and were fucking like rabbits again now. Could we expect more? I gotta tell you, I hoped so. We weren't disappointed, as first Jack, then Bob, bucked and whooped and shot their loads in unison. I can tell you, I felt Jack's seed hit deep in my belly, and I hoped Bob's seed was as powerful for my good friend, and fellow cunt, Diane. By the look on her face, I don't think she was displeased.

Bob looked over at Jack and leant forward. I swear these two guys were communicating telepathically, because although words were never exchanged, they knew each other's asks. Jack pulled his still erect cock out of my thundering cunt, and Bob took Jack's cunt-juice coated cock in mouth, and started sucking like he was possessed.

Bob's cock was still inside Diane and he was still fucking her slowly, as his cock deflated. Diane was still abusing her nipples, and I was lying back, in pristine whorish pose, thinking what on earth could we do to top all of this.

Bob sucked and licked the entire length of Jack's slowly shrinking cock, and greedily slurped my juices from that monster cock.

I needed to piss so bad, and as Jack stood, to get closer to Bob's devouring mouth, I slid off the bed and half-crawled, half-stumbled into the bathroom. I looked around as I went through the door. Bob was now on his knees sucking Jack's gorgeous cock for all of his life, while Jack was standing eyes closed, smiling broadly as Bob serviced him, and Diane was self sucking her tits, both of them in her mouth.

Do I know how to throw a fuck party, I ask you? Well do I?

The peace and quiet of my piss time was a welcome time to reflect on the evening. What a great, deviously, decadent time we had had. Would there be more tonight, I wondered?

I returned to the room to find all three siting around the bed, drinking wine, and laughing. It looked like my old friends, Jack and Diane, had made a new friend, and I hoped my new friend Bob, would become an old friend, in many years time.

A few more wines, a quiet cigarette or three, and everyone was yawning. No fucking wonder, lol. The exercise vibes in the room tonight would have trained a fucking Olympic swimming team for a month, lol.

Diane had already explained that they could only stay the one night, having to leave early for business in the morning, and it had been mutually agreed that they would share our room for the night.

The only thing to settle was sleeping arrangements.

There were two beds, who would sleep where?

The decision was easy, mutual, and in respect to the nights events, inevitable. All four of us shacked up in the one bed. We all kissed each other goodnight, after the appropriate ablutions were performed, and we all snuggled up together, but that prick Bob won out again. He got Jack's cock nestled in his ass, for the night, while I had to settle for a nice pair of tits to hang on to, lol.